Thursday, May 14, 2009

WSS3.0 Workflow History Deleted After 60 Days

By default, WSS3.0 automatically purges workflow history after 60 days. The purge doesn't technically delete the history but it deletes the association that ties the document to the workflow history. And it also deletes any tasks that were created by the workflow.

I have 1 workaround and 3 solutions:
If you will ok with Workflow history option then please use this systex after your site name for finding all the deleted workflows:


1. Disable the Workflow Auto Cleanup timer job completely
2. We can include a specific xml tag in workflow feature.xml file that controls the number of days retained for the workflow history (max days = 9999)
3. Run a job nightly to force all the workflow history retention settings to a certain number of days (max days = 9999)

But it may be possible that youwill face some performance issues if you make these changes.

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