Thursday, January 7, 2010

SharePoint 2010 : What’s new in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 will be the next version of SharePoint 2007 scheduled to be release next year.

It’s coming out with lot of really excitement and asked for features which will help enterprises to extract more value out of their SharePoint installations.

On of the big change is happening on branding side. The very popular branding called ‘MOSS’ associated with SharePoint 2007 will no more be used for SharePoint 2010. The product will be called as ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010’ instead of ‘Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010’.

Here are some of the major enhancements coming up:

End Users

1. Office Client Ribbon interface for in-place editing of SharePoint content on web.
2. Silverlight web parts and finer control on site Themes.
3. Multiple Browser support – Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari
4. Business Connectivity Services (BCS) as the evolution of BDC. These services can now be consumed from Office client apps also.
5. SharePoint Workspace (formerly called Groove): a smart client for SharePoint. Supports online, offline and Synchronization of data.

Technology Users

1. Streamlined Central Administration with Ribbon interface.
2. SharePoint best practices analyzer: Rule based engine for monitoring and self-healing.
3. Resource Throttling controls: For large lists, a finer control on how many records can be displayed. This can be controlled per type of users and during particular time span of a day.
4. Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Tools: Designer for creating Web Parts visually and Business Connectivity Services Entities
5. Client Object Model(OM): Client side libraries which can be used by custom clients to interact with SharePoint data. These can be called from JavaScript, .NET or Silverlight apps.

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